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The artist

Carla van den Heuvel — Ruseler Biography

Bronze Sculptures and Portraits

Carla van den Heuvel - RuselerThe sculptor Carla van den Heuvel (Schiedam. Holland) started her career in 1995. She followed classes at the”Vrije Academy” Rotterdam and ‘t “Koorenhuis” The Hague. After this period she went her own way in making bronze objects. Her style is rather rough, mostly realistic and figurative. She is associated with Stichting Kunstwerk in Schiedam, Sculpture Network Berlin and Associazione Sculturi Italiani (ASI).

By invitations she participated on art-events and exhibitions. her work was to be seen in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Arsenaal and Korenbeurs Jan des Bouvries in Schiedam, PAN Amsterdam, Conference Centre “De Leeuwenhorst” in Noordwijkerhout, Art –Expo Amsterdam, Amcha Art - Collection Baarn in Castle Groeneveld, Monaco exhibition Aur Expo, Turijn Gallaria del Arte, 32nd Rassegna D’Arte Internationale, also in San Remo. In the V.O.C. year. (Verenigde Qost. lndische Compagnie), it was the Dutch Embassy which offered an exhibition with 14 Dutch Artists in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Sharjah Art Museum. She was among them.
Also she was asked to perform her work in various themes on Dutch TV and she participated in the auction for the restauration of the “Walvish Windmill” in Schiedam organized by Mr. Pieter Glerum. Carla made the Trophy (the Director of the Orchestra) for the Bob Verbiest Price Holland, October 2007. There was an invitation by the Scientific Committee for the Biennale Culturale in Florence December 2007. Journalists and people from art magazines were very interested during the Biennale Florence and this resulted in other invitations for exhibitions. In 2008 she is invited to be a member of the “Academia Internationale di Belli Arti, Lettere e Science” in Salerno, Italy. (Lazara Castel San Giorgio}. In former days, her teacher in drawing, Mr. Albert Slot, advised her to go to the Art-academy Rotterdam. Still becoming an Artist, she would never have dreamed before. For her, live is a big adventure. Worth living for.
The sculptures from Carla van den Heuvel - Ruseler are limitated, signed, numbered and have a certificate of authenticity.